You have made a mark on the world. Let us tell your story. 

We all strive to create meaning in our lives, to have our actions and thoughts live on after us, to be remembered in some way.

Extraordinary people often have their names and accomplishments remembered in history books. In your personal world, you are no less extraordinary and your legacy is just as important.

The greatest gift you can leave is your story and the wisdom you’ve gained from living and learning. Life Legacy Films is here to help you tell your story and pass your wisdom on to future generations. 

Your film will preserve your memories and transmit your legacy to your descendants for generations to come.

Your Life Legacy Film journey begins with a free consultation to determine the roadmap of your film. Covered topics include early years, family, career, passions and hobbies, and other important aspects of your life. This is where we will explore how you want to tell your story: interviews with significant people, locations for filming, style, photographs and film/videos from your personal collection. After the initial consultation, a budget will be provided based on this roadmap. 

There are three aspects to creating your Life Legacy Film: pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-Production involves a detailed interview about your life highlighting significant events and people that will enable us to create an outline for your film. This is where you get to realize how incredible your journey has been! Clients have told us that recapturing their history and sharing their stories is an extremely empowering experience. 

Production is where the real fun begins as we follow your roadmap and film your story.


Post-production is where the magic happens as our professional team of editors craft the interviews, videos, photos, and all the other important aspects of your story and turn them into your Life Legacy Film!

Completed films run approximately 30 minutes in length. 

Now you can share your Life Legacy Film with family, friends, colleagues...share it with everyone!


A Life Legacy Highlight is a legacy film that memorializes a most exciting or memorable part of an event or period of time in your life.

The approximate time of a Life Legacy Highlight is 10 minutes.


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